Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grace Kelly in a Glass

Yves Cuilleron, Les Chaillet, Condrieu, France
Orange blossoms, honeysuckle, dried apricots and minerality for days... sounds beautiful? It is and it's the magical characteristics of the varietal Viognier. Viognier is one of my favorite varietals. It's grown all over the world...Australia, South Africa, Italy, United States and in France to name a few.  Of all the expressions of it Viognier from Condrieu is one of the most adored. Condrieau is a French AOC located in the Rhone Valley that is an appellation strictly for Viognier. The wines from Condrieu are not inexpensive but will take your breath away from their elegance...think of Grace Kelly in a glass.

My favorite food pairing with Viognier? Treat yourself to a cozy bowl of Truffle Risotto...earthy meets floral....angels may sing.

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