Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's Sexy To Drink In The City?

I went with girlfriends to see the opening night of the long awaited movie "Sex And The City". It was fabulous to see so many ladies dolled up for a night on the town! Of course, the evening's cocktail of choice was none other than the Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan can thank "Sex And The City" for it's rise to stardom, although it's birth is said to have occurred in the 1970's.

Here is my favorite Cosmopolitan recipe:

In your shaker mix:
2 parts vodka (L'Orange Grey Goose is my favorite..but any citrus vodka works),
1 part triple sec
1 part cranberry juice (Ocean Spray 100% juice is my favorite)
Juice of 1 key lime or a couple drops of bottled key lime juice (key lime is a little sweeter)
Shake with ice...pour into your chilled martini glass and if you can find them drop in some frozen cranberries...they work as a great garnish and they keep your Cosmo cold without watering it down!

Click here for the SATC Movie website that has trailers, quizzes...and more!


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